About GAHEA - History


2001 – 2003: The Early Years

  • Founded in 2001 by 7 schools that shared the vision of post secondary education options for the local Atlanta business community. The founding members included: University of Phoenix, Southern Polytechnic State University, Georgia Perimeter College, DeVry University, American InterContinental University, Shorter College, and Clayton State University.
  • A mission statement was developed, along with a web site and brochure.
  • Monthly meetings were held and everyone pitched in to start booking education fairs.
  • Initial By-Laws were adopted and an invitation was extended other regionally-accredited institutions to join to acquire a balance representation of Regents, Private, and Proprietary institutions.
  • Officers were elected.
  • Southern Polytechnic State University CIS Department submitted to update, and host the web site. From this, the interactive website was launched. In addition a Logo contest was sponsored and graphic design students from the various member institutions participated. The winning design was submitted from students from Southern Polytechnic State University and they won a pizza party

2004 – 2007: Organizational Improvements

  • By-laws were amended to reflect member accountabilities
  • The Virtual Ed Fair was launched with key words and degree options from each school. This would greatly improved service offerings for corporate and community contacts
  • The Executive Committee launched a 5-phase plan in 2007 that included on-site education fair booking, business-to-business marketing, and leveraging the Virtual Ed Fair. Mass mailings were done to promote the VEF
  • By-Laws were updated to address governance needs
  • Marketing sub-committee was formed

2008 – 2012: Continued Growth and Progress

  • In 2008, a membership committee was formed. A membership drive was organized which included mailings, phone calls and a luncheon which resulted in 3 new members
  • The organization experienced much growth thereafter with 22 members by 2009
  • 2010 the website was redesigned and launched with new features to support GAHEA’s growth
  • At the membership meeting in December 2010 a new logo was presented and voted on. The new logo was approved in 2011
  • In 2012 membership reached its largest number yet at 26 members



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