Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Georgia Higher Education Alliance a state supported entity?
No.  The Alliance is a private, self supporting consortium of colleges and universities in the Metro Atlanta area who provide degree programs specifically designed to meet the educational needs of working adult students. Organizational membership is voluntary, and participants are typically from the admissions or enrollment departments of the adult education programs within those institutions. Top


Does the Alliance include both public and private institutions?
Yes.  Alliance membership includes State (public) and private colleges and universities.  It also includes both non-profit and for-profit (proprietary) institutions. Top


How can my institution join GAHEA?
Just contact us by telephone or email and we'll help you join the many other educational institutions that are GAHEA members.Top


Does it cost anything for my institution to join the alliance?
Yes. Membership in the Alliance requires the joining institution to pay a membership fee of $300.00 per year.  This money is used to further the goals of the Alliance in accordance with the organization's by-laws, as approved by the members. Top


How does the Alliance help my institution to get into corporate sites?
Many corporations and large businesses are reluctant to allow a single institution to conduct recruiting activities within their organization.  Many have policies that prohibit such activities to avoid any appearance of favoritism to one institution.  As a member of the Alliance, all members legitimately represent a consortium of a variety of different types of educational institutions when they offer to conduct recruiting activities for a corporation.  This advantage creates a less threatening environment, and often results in gaining access to the decision makers.  It often leads to receiving permission to conduct recruiting activities in businesses that otherwise would not be achievable. Top


Does the Alliance provide my institution with student leads?
Not directly.  The Alliance provides all member institutions with the collective power of  the organization to help create opportunities to set up corporate information meetings, education and job fairs,  as well as other recruiting activities. Once those activities are scheduled and conducted, the success of those activities in generating leads for a particular institution is strictly dependent upon the performance of the enrollment staff of that institution. Top 


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